Veterinary, Medical and Dental

Accounting and Practice Consulting

Serving veterinarian practices since the early sixties

An accountant with extensive veterinary business knowledge and experience, Carol Amernick’s insights have proven beneficial for many veterinary, medical and dental practices. Among the strategic services offered are:

Demographic review for start-up practices.

Projected financial statements inclusive of presentation packages for obtaining financing start-ups and established practices.

A strategic funding relationship with Bank of America and other financial organizations.

Monthly compilation of financial statements, write-up work, payroll and payroll tax returns.

Review and assessment of fee schedules, service bundling and inventory mark-ups.

Tax preparation and returns.

Advisability of business entity type and structuring of business operation.

Review of valuation work prepared by other CPA’s/Appraisers.

Assistance in lease agreements, buy/sell agreements, cafeteria plans and contract negotiations.

Computer system consultations for selection of veterinary software, its effective use for value added veterinary vendor systems and general ledger and accounting systems.

Review of month end reports: accounts receivable, average monthly transaction, number of new clients and discussions applicable to their meaning and impact on the practice.

Practice sale/purchase, planning, structuring and negotiation.

On-site practice visits.

Review of facility construction costs and design.

Analysis of practice performance compared with practices of similar size, type and location.

Analysis and profitability studies for all ancillary services.

Additional services upon request.